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Lykke Friis at the Danish Club

A members review

On May 9 2013  Lykke Friis, former  Minister for Climate and Energy and Equal Rights representing Venstre  addressed the Club’s members at the fantastic premises of the Naval Club. The subject of Lykke Friis’ speech was “Denmark and the UK on Europe Day – travel Companions”  - and the speech was given on the official EU Day (Schuman Day). Well coordinated Danske Club.

Lykke Friis at the Danish Club
The Danish Politician Lykke Friis gave a feisty and interesting talk on the subject of " IN-or-OUT-of-EUROPE"


My expectations to the evening were high and were absolutely met.  Lykke Friis caught my and everyone else’s  attention throughout the evening. The former Minister described her participation in the COP 15 Climate Change Conference 2009 negotiations in “H-/Copenhagen” .

The way Lykke Friis described the meeting and the meeting facilities made me feel that I, myself,  had been a part of a group of very influential politicians and country heads from all over the world negotiating “the deal of the world”.

At the same time Lykke Friis managed to bring in the upcoming Champions League finale at Wembley into the subject. It is very well known among football fans in Denmark that Lykke Friis is a Bayern Munich fan and when she saw one of the many lovely trophies in Naval Club, she acted holding the trophy as being the Bayern Munich captain having won the Championship.

30 minutes with a fantastic speech felt like 5 minutes only. Luckily there was plenty of time for Q & A afterwards.

Several hands were raised in  order to comment or raise questions to the former Minister’s speech or in general.  Subjects as dual citizens’ ship, women’s “rights” to top management positions, and voting rights were among the many questions  raised. And the Speaker succeeded in having a debate including several persons from the audience.

All in all a breathtaking well more than an hour followed by drinks. The discussions continued for long during this part of the evening. The former Minister was not only very active in the discussions but also showed a great interest in listening to the views of several “udlandsdanskere” and not least their background for being here.   

In addition to the above fantastic event the evening I again experienced the positive atmosphere among Danske Club’s members and their guests. I even had the wonderful experience to meet and talk to a former business connection I have not met for several decades.

Despite a dark rainy evening when leaving the Danske Club event at the Naval Club I said to myself: “This was a fantastic experience where I for sure felt that the time spent was worth and where I had to debrief when returning home. I feel sorry for those of you who were unable to participate due to a busy calendar.

Thank you Danske Club for an unforgettable evening. I – and I am sure all other participants in the evening – encourage you to arrange similar brilliant events in the future.   

Anders Kjær

Danske Bank